The Dark Side of Fairy Tales

We loved fairy tales as children and we still love them now. We especially love them dark.
Fairy tales bring the magic back into our lives, they tell us about ourselves and about others, about human nature, and link us to our ancestors: fairy tales have been told and retold for generations.
Lotte Reiniger, the silhouette animation pioneer and creator of The Adventures of Prince Achmed (1926) said:
” I believe in the truth of fairy-tales more than I believe in the truth in the newspaper.”
Here we reimagine our favourite tales as graphic novels and hope to have created an immersive, lasting reading experience.

Sandra Marrs and John Chalmers aka Metaphrog

The Little Mermaid: winner of The Excelsior Award Junior 2018!

  • ‘Profound, moving’ ★ STARRED REVIEW

    ‘An arresting graphic novel… a beguiling sense of wonder permeates this radiant little book’

    ‘The lushest thing they’ve done… reinvents the tale as a swimmy, gorgeous version of beauty and despair’

    ‘A graceful, lyrical adaptation’

    ‘Metaphrog’s lovely illustration of the classic tale features deep, jewel-like hues and all the underwater magic you could hope for’

  • ‘A haunting story, magical and tinged with sadness, beautifully illustrated and lovingly retold in graphic novel form by the ever-brilliant Metaphrog’
    BRYAN and MARY TALBOT, Costa Book Award winners

    ‘A glorious retelling of one my favourite stories. Beautiful pictures, and the text is true to Hans Christian Andersen’s original tale. Well done, Metaphrog!’
    Best-selling author VIVIAN FRENCH

    ‘Hope, joy, and pain intermingle in these dark, alluring stories, which may leave readers thinking of Andersen as a precursor to modern horror’

    ‘A darkly pensive read, perfect for chilly fall evenings’

  • ‘The Red Shoes has been a classic cautionary tale of desires and responsibilities for generations, and here it is interpreted wonderfully, a mixture of pathos and delight, magical wonder and dark undercurrents’

    ‘A thing of beauty… replete with detail and dazzling in execution… It truly is breath-taking at times. A book that just hits you with the most colourful and visual drama, yet retains a soul to match. Probably the best edition of the story in 180 years’

    ‘A stunning adaptation … magical illustration using gorgeous colours and a depth of textures and print usually seen in children’s books… 80 pages of maintaining this standard of artwork would have been no mean feat!… You’ve not fully experienced the story of the Little Mermaid until you’ve read the Metaphrog version’

  • ‘Before the anodyne days demanding a feel-good-factor Hollywood ending, children’s fairy tales were scary tales through and through, and we should all rejoice that the likes of Metaphrog are rekindling that fire and brimstone both here and in THE RED SHOES’
    PAGE 45

    Wonderful work wonderfully presented and highly recommended!

    ‘A delight to both look at and read and, for those who have enjoyed Metaphrog’s previous Hans Christian Andersen adaptations, this is quite probably their best yet’