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SHIFTING: A Tale of Bullying and Discrimination

Commissioned and published by STEP (University of Edinburgh) in 2020

‘Shifting’ is a comic about two Gypsy/Traveller children who have experiences of bullying and discrimination in schools. The story has been created with ideas from two young Scottish Gypsy/Travellers. Many of the ideas and the names have been changed to make sure that no one in the story is recognisable. The story has a unique twist; it is unfinished: children and young people can create their own endings to the story, thinking about each of the incidents described, and how they could have been different. Teachers will help children and young people to discuss what should happen next to make sure that everyone can feel safe at school. Everyone needs to know that bullying behaviour can change.

Full Colour | 18 pages




Story by Jim Ottaviani, art by Metaphrog

Published in Chemistry World (2019)

A short comic about Marie and Pierre Curie’s discovery of radium.



Client: The Dick Institute (2018-19)

Love Your Library. Expect The Unexpected:  a campaign for the launch of the refurbished Dick Institute.

Time To Shine COVER.jpg

TIME TO SHINE: Graphic Novel

Commissioned and published by Creative Scotland in 2013

Part of Scotland’s arts strategy for ages 0-25

Sam is 14 and he likes all the usual things any teenage boy does… football, music, girls… and avoiding Declan and his gang! He likes to ‘parp’ a bit on his trumpet but it’s his sister who’s the talented one. Jen is 17 and plays guitar in an all-girl band. When their school organises a talent show, Jen’s band are favourites but a last minute hitch means the keyboard player can’t play, so how will the day be saved!? This original story forms part of Scotland’s arts strategy for ages 0-25 and captures the spirit and energy of young people and looks at the world of arts through their eyes. The arts have the ability to inspire individuals and have a positive impact on communities. Time To Shine: Graphic Novel looks at what barriers may stop engagement in the arts and its positive benefits by exploring three key themes: Let me in!, Help me shine!, Take me there!

Full Colour | Paperback | 64 pages | ISBN: 978-1-85119-200-7


The First Men on Mercury comic by Metaphrog


Comic adaptation of the Edwin Morgan poem

Commissioned by The Association for Scottish Literary Studies in 2009

Released on National Poetry Day 2009. 35000 copies distributed to Glasgow Secondary Schools. The project received national TV coverage

The Photographs comic by Metaphrog


Commissioned by Glasgow Life in 2011
Published in New Writing Scotland 30 in 2012

An artistic response to a series of workshops with senior groups in day care centres and teenagers in drop-in centres in Glasgow

A6 full colour booklet




Commissioned and published by Scottish Book Trust
in partnership with Scottish Government for the Scottish version in 2011, and in partnership with Standard Life Charitable Trust for the English version in 2014

A learner-centred money management resource for 16 to 26 year olds in supported youth groups. A thought-provoking and interactive book with mutiple choice endings, a colourful, engaging script by Gowan Calder and illustrations by Metaphrog

Full Colour | Paperback | 112 pages | ISBN: 978-1-901077-254 (Scottish) | ISBN: 978-1-901077-261 (English)

PIG books illustrated by Metaphrog

PIG series 1 and 2

Published by Ransom Publishing in 2012 and 2013

Chapter books for 7-12, written by Barbara Catchpole, illustrations by Metaphrog