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Strange Weather Lately Vol 1 by Metaphrog
Strange Weather Lately Vol 2 by Metaphrog


Published by Metaphrog in 1998-1999

An offbeat, darkly comic drama that centres on the characters and events in an absurd theatre play. Collecting the critically acclaimed series from the surreal yet unnervingly real world of Martin Nitram. The first volume included the long out of print short story collection. A deluxe hardback edition of each volume, signed and numbered, in handmade wrap-around hessian bag, was also produced.

B&W | Paperbacks | OUT OF PRINT
Volume 1 | 120 pages | ISBN 0953493210 | deluxe: ISBN 09534932
Volume 2 | 120 pages | ISBN 0953493237 | deluxe: ISBN 095349322

Surreal/real; Martin/Nitram. Mirrored images. This tale, or act, rather, deals with shifting weather patterns in the human condition. Suspicion. Depression. Frustration. Confusion. Loss of identity and self-worth… It’s all here, flowing effortlessly back and forth between the dozen characters that inhabit this moving, brooding twenty-one page black and white chapter. I don’t know where this story is heading, but I’m glad I’m along for the ride… It’s a play within a play, real emotions at conflict with acting sensibility, high drama on the outskirts of affairs of the heart. Strange weather, indeed… this comic lingers with you long after you set it down, and bears several re-readings.
— Comic Effect

Strange Weather Lately #1 by Metaphrog


Published by Metaphrog between 1996 and 1999

Stories from the surreal yet unnervingly real world of Martin Nitram

Issue 1 was released in December 1996 as a limited edition of 500 with numbered lino cut.
This comic sold out quickly and was reprinted in Strange Weather Lately Volume 1.
Issue 5 came with free tea bag with special instructions. Caution: do not drink!
All issues were collected in Strange Weather Lately Volume 1 and Volume 2. They are now  out of print and hard to find.

Each issue: 24 pages | b&w

The Maze Part 1 by Metaphrog
The Maze Part 2 by Metaphrog

THE MAZE #1 & 2

Published by Metaphrog in 1997
Tense psychological thriller set on a mythical island
Issue 1: 28 pages | b&w | Issue 2: 36 pages | b&w


Published by Dark Horse in 2003, Glénat and Kappa in 2005. ISBN 1593070381

Includes stories by Frank Miller, Will Eisner, Stan Sakai and many more
Featuring: A Traveller’s Tale: An astounding lie about what one professes to have seen abroad, a 6 page b&w story


Published by Comic Book Legal Defense Fund in 2003.  ISBN 0972179437
Featuring: Louis – The Round the World Rug Race, a 12 page b&w story

ALAN MOORE- Portrait of an Extraordinary Gentleman

Published by Abiogenesis Press in 2003. ISBN 094679006X

Includes stories and contributions by Neil Gaiman, Will Eisner, Bill Sienkiewicz, Dave Gibbons, Denis Kitchen, David Lloyd, Jim Valentino, Bryan Talbot, Mark Millar, Howard Cruse, James Kochalka, José Villarrubia, Dave Sim and many more. Featuring: Louis – Lost on the Moore , a 5 page full colour story


Published by Alternative Press in 2002. ISBN 1891867121

Includes stories by Will Eisner, Josh Neufield, James Kochalka, Jessica Abel, Dean Haspiel, Nick Bertozzi, Harvey Pekar, Ted Rall and many more. Featuring a 9 page b&w story.

Warburger anthology


Published by Stripburger in 2003. ISBN 9619102517

Over 80 cartoonists from Eastern and Western Europe, the United States, Canada, Korea, and Israel contributed stories on the oft forgotten aspects of war. Aleksandar Zograf, whose own life in war-torn Serbia inspired his vital anti-war comics, writes the introduction. Featuring a 12 page b&w story.


Special Christmas Edition 2005

Seasonal tale: Louis and the Box of Song. 2 page full colour story.