Newport Comic Workshops

Newport Comic Workshops

Last week, on February 20th and 21st, we had the pleasure of visiting Newport, Gwent in Wales where we delivered two full day comic workshops to KS2 pupils: all boys.

We first travelled down on the Sunday, ready for an early Monday morning start at the Millbrook Resource Centre. This would be everyone’s first day back at school after mid-term.The events were fantastically well organised by our host, Adelaide Richards, who worked with twelve different local schools: four pupils and a teacher from each attended the events in a very inspiring workroom.

Both days were packed with activity and the boys learned how to create their own comic worlds, from character design to story ideas, from planning stage to final realisation.

Everyone had loads of fun and the participants came up with some brilliant characters and really great ideas. The kids’ enthusiasm was contagious and created a magical atmosphere.

We flew back to Glasgow on the Tuesday evening, exhausted and thoroughly exhilarated!

Thanks to everyone at the Millbrook Resource Centre for making us feel so very welcome, for helping with the smooth running of the days, and for organising the great food for all of us (some kids even had two or more second helpings!).

Special thanks to Adelaide and Suzanne and little Morly too!

We took loads more pictures, so to see more photos, comments, and pupils’ work, please visit our photo album here.

Oh! and last but not least, we can’t resist showing you this picture taken at lunch break: eating desert and reading comics, if only school could be like that every day!