The Infinite Corpse

The Infinite Corpse

We’re delighted to have been invited to contribute to the new, exciting, online comic The Infinite Corpse.

The chain comic currently has 213 artists contributing, among them no less than: Art Spiegelman, Paul Karasik, Matt Madden, Tom Hart, Aaron Renier, Paul Hornschemeier, Alison Bechdel, Nate Beaty, Lewis Trondheim, Peter Kuper, Michael Kupperman, Gabrielle Bell, Craig Thompson… and the list goes on!

The Infinite Corpse is inspired by The Narrative Corpse book by RAW from the 90s, and by Scott McCloud’s idea of The Infinite Canvas (an online comic doesn’t need to be limited by page count). The story of The Infinite Corpse, in fact, has no beginning and no end. Each artist has contributed 3 panels to the story using the main character of “Corpsey”, following some basic rules. The story is also now open to submissions.

Below is our own contribution, which you can also see here as part of the story:

The Infinite Corpse is a brilliant website and features outstanding work. It’s also a fantastic platform for artists to have fun outside of the usual constraints of the graphic novel form.