Eindhoven School Visit

Eindhoven School Visit

An exciting email came in a few months ago asking if we would be interested in travelling to The Netherland for a school visit… And ever since then, we’d been really looking forward to it!

So last Tuesday we got up at the crack of dawn and headed for Glasgow airport, under pouring rain.

Arriving at Schiphol airport, we quickly caught a connecting train to Eindhoven. One of our host was waiting for us there at the station, strategically wearing an unmissable bright pink hat (not pictured here!).

At the ISE (Eidhoven International School), activities started first thing the following morning.

The whole secondary school gathered in assembly at 9am and we had fun delivering an illustrated talk to pupils aged 11-18.

Workshops with each class where then lined up for the rest of the day and for the Thursday morning, a total of nine sessions in a day an a half!

The pupils produced some great drawings, lots of very different styles, from stick people to manga and everything in between.

Meeting people from all over the world was extremely inspiring. Everyone there (pupils, teachers, technicians and librarians) came from different corners of the globe, and it was great learning a little bit about their backgrounds.

After the workshops, there was time for discussion and for signing postcards and books and taking group photos.

At lunch break the pupils even hung out in the hall for band practice.

Many many thanks to Renske, Majola, the Parent Committee, and the head of secondary, Marcella Watts (incidentally from Dundee!) for inviting us to their wonderful school and making us feel so very welcome. Also thank you to Joy, David, Greta and all the teachers for all their support and interest during the workshop sessions. And thanks too to David (a Frenchman who also lived in Glasgow!) for showing us the city and taking time just to chill out.

Our trip was short but energising, we met fantastic people and had an amazing time!

Lastly, thanks to Majola and the school for letting use some of the pictures they took on this blog.